Maintain and extend the life of your application

On-site Application Management Services

Our application management proposition is organised into 5 distinct but complimentary practices:

  • Production Support and Operation Services
  • Enhancements and Maintenance Services
  • Quality Assurance and Testing Services
  • Application Development Services
  • Business Assurance and Application Governance Services

Each of these services offer tangible benefits to organisations that wish to maintain or extend the life, features or functions of an application without the expense and risk associated with maintaining the existing Remedy environment in house.

Production Support and Operation Services

This service is designed to extend the return on investment for those organisations that have ITSM applications implemented within the business that may not have maintained the base core technologies at the supported versions. The service provides data administration and other administration and management functions, freeing up your own internal resources.

Enhancements and Maintenance Services

Designed to keep a ‘steady state’ solution mapped to business requirements as they evolve, these services are core technology-agnostic and may be undertaken via remote access.