Multi-factor Authentication

Usable multifactor authentication solutions. Enhance security without limiting takeup.

Multi-factor Authentication specialists

Redcore staff carry a wide range of experience across all of the major multi-factor authentication solutions, including:

  • one-time password (OTP) and SMS from a variety of vendors
  • software and hardware Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • smartcards and associated card management technologies
  • other secure but usable multifactor solutions for mobile access such as KeyVault

Our differentiators:

  • Technology specialists who understand this space and hold our own patents
  • The team who has designed and implemented some of the region’s largest multifactor authentication rollouts
  • Usability experts
  • Tight integration with the entire identity and access management lifecycle

Knowledge through experience

Redcore have deployed some of the region’s largest multifactor authentication solutions. We designed and delivered AUSkey, which one million Australian business users use to deal online with multiple government agencies.

We provide the secure but usable multifactor solution that one of the major banks provides to all of its business banking clients. We have delivered the multifactor authentication strategy for another of the banks.

Usable security

We understand the risk landscape as much as the technology, and work with our clients closely to implement authentication solutions that combat emerging threats.

We are equally adept at designing and implementing solutions that enhance usability, rather than impede it.