Identity Governance

A business driven approach to user lifecycle management.

Our expert team has extensive knowledge and capability in the areas that make up Identity Governance. We have been involved in this area of Identity and Access Management for an extended period of time, adapting as it has grown and evolved over time. Our insights into this changing landscape allow us to help our clients navigate to a successful outcome every time.

Our differentiators

  • Packaged user access certification offerings that help organisations deliver business value in less than 8 weeks
  • Integrated access request, automated provisioning and privileged account management offerings
  • Expert knowledge from small, medium and large scale access request and automated provisioning solutions built around the world
  • Practical and straight-forward approach to role lifecycle management

We have well developed skills across many vendors in this area, including:

  • Oracle
  • legacy Sun Microsystems
  • IBM
  • SailPoint, and
  • Microsoft

User Access Certification and Analytics

User Access Certification assists with understanding who has access to what applications, what their entitlements are on those applications, who approved the access and when. This a great help to our clients who have audit and compliance requirements around user access. It also helps our clients gain control of user access across their organisation, including into cloud-based applications.

Identity Analytics is about completing statistical analysis on user access data. This helps with role mining and role definition activities.

We are experienced in this area and assist our clients with understanding the best way to manage and deliver user access certifications across the organisation. Our packaged solution offerings are tailored to help clients deliver value more quickly and in bite sized chunks that are simpler to deliver.

User Access Request and User Provisioning

User Access Request is about automating the requesting of user access, whether entitlements or role based, through a centralised and controlled interface. This makes it easier for end users to gain access to the resources and systems they need, whilst also providing a level of control and security over this through the use of approval workflows.

User Provisioning is often used in combination with a centralised User Access Request system to automate the provisioning of approved user access to key systems. This automation provides operational efficiencies and reduces human error, and also helps to increase security by removing a user's access when they no longer need it.

Our capability has been built over more than a decade of assisting clients with the architecture, design and implementation of their User Access Request and User Provisioning initiatives.

With our assistance in these areas, our clients report improvements in:

  • operational efficiencies
  • security controls, and
  • their market position against their competitors.

Role Lifecycle Management

Role Lifecycle Management is about managing the lifecycle of a role, from the initial mining and creation of the role, through the assignment of a role owner, assigning the role to users, as well as the ongoing upkeep of the role entitlements.

Role Based Access Control is a sub-component of Role Lifecycle Management and is about managing the assignment of role based access to users.

We work with our clients to create Role Lifecycle Management solutions that deliver roles in a way that works for their organisation – rather than attempting to apply a rigid and fixed approach to Role Management. Our solutions allow our clients to leverage effective role based access controls that are practical, simple to use, easy to maintain, and quickly delivered to the business. 

Privileged Account Management

Privileged Account Management allows an organisation to effectively manage system and administrator accounts by managing the passwords for these accounts, and providing accountability on the use of these passwords through a checkout and check-in facility. This provides organisations with control over system and administrator accounts and provides an audit trail of who used these accounts, which is important for audit and compliance requirements.

With our help, our clients gain control over system and administrator accounts, so that users of these accounts can be held accountable for their use.