Directory Services

Implementation and augmentation services for directories, virtual directories and meta-directories.

Directory Services are a foundational component of any Identity and Access Management solution.

Redcore is expert in aligning user stores across diverse applications, ensuring streamlined administration and a consistent security footprint. Our experience spans implementing directories across Identity and Access Management and Authentication solutions, and also designing and implementing directory-only based solutions, including directory schema design and performance optimisation.

Our differentiators

  • In-depth architectural, design and technical expertise
  • Skilled across the spectrum of Directory Services technologies
  • Working with directories containing millions of users and hundreds of attributes
  • Virtualised directory and meta-directory specialists

Integrating new technologies

Redcore design and implement elegant directory solutions that allow you to incorporate identities supporting new technology platforms such as mobile, cloud and social networking solutions.

Best fit directory solutions

Optimise performance, and effectively manage mission critical accesses and data by choosing the right directory solution for your needs:


A directory typically provides the identity store, and is often used to store role and configuration information. A Directory can be a standalone component, providing a centralised authentication and authorisation store for users, or provide user information for consumption by other applications.

Virtual Directory

A virtual directory can collate information from disparate data sources and present it as a consolidated LDAPv3-compliant view at runtime. Virtual directories are able to perform schema translation and data enrichment for legacy information stores. They can provide modification to the directory structure to allow the same information to be presented in a variety of flat or hierarchical views for different clients. Unlike meta-directories, virtual directories have no need for batch data synchronisation.


These technologies provide a mechanism to create a centralised, consolidated LDAPv3 store of user data sourced from disparate data sources. Information is synchronised either dynamically or during batch runs. This provides less real time flexibility than virtual directories, however can offer more optimised performance for high load systems.

Skilled and experienced team

Our team is well versed in all of the directory products in common use today. We work with our clients to identify which type of directory will best meet their needs. Our skilled team can architect, design, install and performance tune the directory, as well as integrate it with other key technologies.