Cloud-based Solutions

No hardware, no software - cloud based ITSM solutions offer rapid deployment and lower costs

Lower, more predictable costs, delivering world-class customer service

Redcore's cloud-based offerings provide cost-effective solutions to organisations seeking extraordinary outcomes in service management. Servicing the Australian, New Zealand, and Asia-Pacific market we bring a team of highly experienced consultants and a set of processes and templates that represent best practice and enable rapid deployment.

Benefit from

  • Rapid return on investment
  • No more upgrade challenges
  • World class security
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Deploy faster, work smarter

With no hardware or software to buy or manage, you will quickly get value from an ITSM SaaS solution. Once up and running, your solution is managed by the software vendor, allowing you to focus on delivering IT services to the business.

Keep pace with change

You are always on the latest version – taking full advantage of new innovations, but without the risk of resource hungry roll-outs or complex infrastructure upgrades to worry about.

Stay safe and secure

Rest assured that the security of your ITSM solution is our top priority. We can work with you to understand your risk profile, and help you to design and implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

Broaden your IT Service Management funding options

With a much lower CAPEX impact, Cloud and SaaS services offer the opportunity to re-evaluate the funding model your organisation uses to deploy IT Service Management solutions.